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Happy Birthday Mother of the Bride!

June 5, 2009

At the reception

We wanted to wish, MaryLee, the mother of the bride, a very happy birthday today!  We won’t say how old she is, mostly because it gives away how old the bride is as well!

Today is Mom’s birthday and not only did we want to wish her a very happy birthday, but to thank her for everything she did for our wedding from touring endless wedding venues crammed into a very short weekend, buying the beer for the engagement party, trekking all that wine home from the shower (8 or 10 cases!), letting the house become wedding central (hotel gift bags in the kitchen, wedding flowers in the living room, menus in Jennifer’s old room, steaming the rehearsal gown (unsuccessfully with Dad, Patrick, and Melissa – no one knows how to use that thing), and sucking it up to buying a dress for the big day.  (Anyone who truly knows MaryLee knows what a chore that actually was…)

Mom, Bride, Maid of Honor

Mom, Bride, Maid of Honor

On this very day last year, not only was it Mom’s birthday, but it was a very wedding-oriented day.  I found all of the bridesmaid dresses at Gainesville’s Urban Thread! (Gorgeous J. Crew wedding gowns for the girls and I picked them up for a steal for all 4 bridesmaids – another post on that sometime.)  After picking up the dresses and hitting the turnpike, I also had a genius wedding moment and stopped at the service plaza and cleared out all the “Things to Do in South Florida” packets to include in the wedding welcome bags!

Happy Birthday, Mom!  Hope you’re enjoying the day!

M, J, and S

P.S.  The box with your birthday present is still sitting by my front door!  It will make it there eventually!


6 Months

March 14, 2009

were-married Just wanted to check in with everyone and let you all know that we very excitedly celebrated our 6-month wedding anniversary yesterday!  Yes, we’re STILL MARRIED!!

My sweetie sent me a “will you marry me” e-card which I loved, loved, loved!

Then we had a fun dinner at a little place in Brooklyn called Moto.  Sam (Melissa’s little sister) is up in the city visiting, so she joined us.  It seemed only right to have a member of the Baum and/or Haley family as part of an anniversary…

We had a perfect day, all on a Friday the 13th…which was the day of our first date, too!

M, J, and S


One Month of Married Life

October 13, 2008

It has been exactly one month since we tied the knot!  I can’t tell if it feels like forever or no time at all!  Either way, we are both very happy!

M, J, and S


Thank You Notes – Round 2!

October 12, 2008

Wow, so those of you who have never gotten married or had a wedding, thank you notes take FOREVER!!!

We’ve just finished round 2 of the thank you notes. And oh yes, there will be a round 3.

To all of you who have not gotten theirs yet, it is coming…and we do thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of our special day, sharing our celebration, or sending your warm wishes.

M, J, and S


We Did It!

September 14, 2008

Just wanted to let everyone know that we did it!  We got married last night.  The weather cooperated, yay!  We’ll send you all updates as we regain momentum back into the daily grind. 

Wanted to send out a quick thanks to everyone who shared our special day either in person or remotely!

M, J, and S


Cake Topper Redux

July 22, 2008

OK everyone, some of you may have gotten the wrong impression of my last post. We just thought it was a funny cake topper image and since I tend to be a bit bossy, my sister sent that image over to me! This is what we’re really like:

Or maybe it’s this:

Anyway, who out there really used a cake topper?  And what did it look like?

Would love to hear your ideas and answers to that one.  Send an image if you like, will try to post it.

M, J, & S


Christmas 2007 Morning – Engagement Day Part Two

March 26, 2008

My Engagement Ring

Quick flashback – I was like an adult child on Christmas morning, waking up excited about the day. I had gone around and gotten all of my siblings out of bed and ready for the day by about 7:30ish. They were none too pleased, but in an overall good mood since it was after all, little baby Jesus’ birthday.

Plus, there was the promise of presents and breakfast. To most people, that isn’t a half bad way to start the day.

So, you’ll remember that I had made my rounds, waking up Jennifer, Christopher, Douglas, and then finally Dale. As soon as everyone was downstairs, they asked where Jon was…to which I replied with a swift motion pointing upstairs toward the bedroom. He was still sleeping, and I just couldn’t have that!

I made my way back up to the room and nicely told him to get his butt out of bed. He was awake because he heard me waking up the rest of the crowd and dreading for his moment of “Good Morning”. So he casually hugged and kissed me good morning and told me he would go get ready for the day.

This meant some clean teeth, washed face, and clothes. Because we all know my sweetie won’t go downstairs in my parents’ house in anything less than a clean t-shirt, jeans or shorts, belt, and sometimes even hat, socks, and shoes! He’s so formal.

Minutes went by which seemed like an eternity. I went back upstairs and he shut the door (now fully dressed and ready for the day.) He got down on his knee, took my left hand in his, and asked away! He used my full name – the first, middle, and last!

He was so nervous and shaking that it almost occurred to me to taunt him, much like he had taunted me with the ring in his pocket for the previous several days, but I didn’t have the heart. I was too excited to have been formally engaged with the ring on my finger!!

And after all the preparation, to be engaged in my high school bedroom is the highest of all ironies, in my opinion.

I quickly kissed him and we hugged and I asked if it was really my ring now – officially…and promptly ran right down the stairs shoving my left hand into everyone’s face. Demanding that they get down and kiss my ring.

As if I were infallible!

Upon seeing the ring on my hand, the first and only think my mother said was, “Where did you get that?!” Thinking I had stolen it without permission.

I, of course, informed her (and everyone else there) that it was official and I was rightly wearing my ring. Mom and Dad refused congratulations until my sweetie came down the stairs and verbally confirmed that it was true.

As if I were a sneak!

And with that, my friends, was the first official day of what was to become known as our Wedding Whirlwind!

More to come, stay tuned.

M, J, and S