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Cake Lady Di

September 1, 2008
Chief petty officer cook David Avery with the royal wedding cake made for Prince Charles and Princess Diana's 1981 wedding.

Chief petty officer cook David Avery with the royal wedding cake made for Prince Charles and Princess Diana

I’m not sure where to start exactly, except that this is kind of weird, maybe even a little gross. It reminds me of Miss Havisham in Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations.

Apparently last week, a slice of Princess Diana’s wedding cake was auctioned off for about $1,800. For those of you who don’t know or weren’t around to remember, Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer were married in 1981. That cake is 27 years old!

There were 23 official wedding cakes for the wedding that day and this slice is fairly large, about 9 inches, with a marzipan base. It apparently has a sugared onlay in red, blue, gold, and silver of the royal coat of arms. There is also a small silver horseshoe and leaf spray.

After 27 years, I wonder how great it actually looked since it was stored in the attic in cling wrap. Mmmm, tasty!

The slice of cake belonged to Moyra Smith. Mrs. Smith worked for Queen Elizabeth at Clarence House during the 1980s. This is what the MSNBC story states:

“When the cake arrived at Clarence House Moyra was told she could have a slice from the top tier to keep for herself,” said Diana memorabilia specialist auctioneer Chris Albury of Dominic Winter Book Auctions. “This piece is special because it was from the cake sent to the Queen Mother at Clarence House. Moyra must have been very well thought of by the Royal Family to have been given this slice from the top of the cake.”

The cake was auctioned off last Wednesday (August 27th) and the lucky bidder also got a letter from Charles and Diana thanking Mrs. Smith for a wedding gift.

This is not the first time a slice of the royal wedding cake has been sold. In 1998, a year after Princess Diana

died, a similar slice of wedding cake was sold for 17,000 pounds — about $30,000!

I knew Diana still resonated in the hearts and minds of people all over the world, even eleven years after her death, but I never knew there were pieces of her wedding cake floating around and being auctioned off! People really will buy anything.


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Bride Beats Up Groom at Prenup Party

August 23, 2008

Image from news story "To be happy in marriage, delay parenthood" on

About a week ago a Poulsbo, Washington couple had a night-before-the-wedding to remember.

Apparently the bride-to-be caught wind of the groom-to-be smooching one of her friends and took them all down swinging. She kicked all of her friends out then proceeded to beat on the groom — tackling, punching, smashing, and breaking!

The police came (called by the bride’s 12-year-old son) and arrested the bride. She was released the next morning.

And that was just the party before the wedding! I wonder how the wedding turned out. If it did at all…

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Guess Who Can’t Get Married in Arkansas Now

April 3, 2008

Precious Moments Marriage

I’m all about tying the knot lately. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it. It’s all right here in the blog. But, in case you were really worried about this like we were, it is finally official that toddlers can no longer legally get married in the state of Arkansas. What a crisis.

But we’re not kidding.

Last year, a law was mistakenly passed in the state of Arkansas that allowed anyone, regardless of age – meaning even toddlers – to get married with parental permission. Yesterday, the governor of Arkansas, Mike Beebe, signed a measure repealing the law.

It wasn’t until last year’s regular session ended that Arkansas lawmakers realized what had happened. The intent of the law was to actually establish 18 as the minimum age for marriage in the state, not to remove the age limit altogether. The bill, as it was signed, allowed anyone who wasn’t pregnant to marry no matter how old they are as long as there was parental consent.

It all came down to an extra word in the bill. Just a tiny little “not” made all the difference. Can you imagine? It will definitely make me choose my words a little more carefully in the future, that’s for sure!

The original bill states: “In order for a person who is younger than eighteen years of age and who is not pregnant to obtain a marriage license, the person must provide the county clerk with evidence of parental consent to the marriage.”

Obviously, this bill is intended for kids who get pregnant at an early age to get married – like that’ll solve the problem. Maybe that’s for people who also solve the problem of a dying marriage by having a baby. Maybe they were that baby, who knows. Education on certain issues couldn’t count for anything.


I thought a little more about the bill, as it was originally stated, not intended, and then I thought, “Oh God!” All I can see is some overanxious parents who think status is everything and claim that their 3-year-olds are just perfect for each other!

In my mind I am seeing those ambiguously religious and slightly disturbing Precious Moments figurines, of angelic little toddlers engaging in adult-like scenes…you know like marriage(!)…

Getting back to more serious matters, lawmakers, after realizing what had been put into law, called for a special session, concerned that pedophiles might actually take advantage of the law. Governor Beebe didn’t do it back then, since he didn’t believe there was any real threat of children marrying under the law.

A special session was held this week in Arkansas (nothing to do with the child marrying law) and Governor Beebe corrected the mistake. Arkansas reinstated 17 as the minimum marrying age for boys and 16 for girls.

But you know, we really rest easy tonight, knowing that toddlers can’t get married. In the state of Arkansas at least.

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