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What Happens in Vegas

September 1, 2008

“Get Lucky.”

“It’s a battle of the sexes and they’re playing dirty.”

Our wedding movie marathon continued with What Happens in Vegas, a 2008 romantic comedy put out by 20th Century Fox. The film stars Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz. It was directed by Tom Vaughan (who apparently directed one episode of Big Love and a couple other things, none of which I have seen.)

It’s a light-hearted movie, the same line of comedy as Just Married which also starred Kutcher. Two young people — a tightly wound stockbroker (Diaz) ironically named Joy and a laid back, unemployed carpenter (Kutcher) named Jack.

Jack and Joy have both ended up in Vegas after a break-up (Joy’s fiance dumped her in front of all their friends) and a firing (Jack’s) and have a wild and crazy night. They wake up only to find out that they are married (to each other), don’t like each other very much, and have just won a $3 million jackpot on the slot machines!

So the story begins.

Joy and Jack end up wanting a divorce and it’s an all out “he said, she said” to see who gets the millions, or even just half. Judge Whopper (played by Dennis Miller) decides granting a divorce is just too easy in today’s day and age of quickie weddings and even quicker divorces. He makes the couple seek marital counseling by none other than Queen Latifah. They are granted a divorce (and the money) if and only if they try to work on their marriage.

The film is filled with a few funny moments (my sweetie’s favorite is when Jack shows Joy that it’s her turn for the dishes) and some slow-moving parts as well. Overall, it’s not a bad movie for purely entertainment and silly giggles – perfect for a wedding movie marathon. If you’re looking for something deeper, What Happens in Vegas, doesn’t really hit the bottom.

Check out the trailer:

We’re on to The Wedding Date next, we’ll let you know how it goes.

M, J, and S

Image: Movie poster for What Happens in Vegas, 2008, 20th Century Fox/Regency Enterprises
Video: Movie trailer for What Happens in Vegas, 2008, 20th Century Fox/Regency Enterprises


Just Married — The Movie, Not Us!

August 23, 2008

“Welcome to the honeymoon from hell.”

That’s the tagline for the first official movie in our wedding movie marathon. With that kind of tagline, who could resist – especially when you are in the process of planning your own honeymoon.

The other night, our movie marathon started with Just Married, a 2003 romantic comedy directed by Shawn Levy, who I never realized directed Night at the Museum (2006). Brittany Murphy (Sarah) and Ashton Kutcher (Tom) play a young couple who get married despite Sarah’s rich, disapproving family.

The best part is Sarah’s mom, played by Veronica Cartwright — whenever I see her, I can only remember the cherry pit vomit scene from The Witches of Eastwick (1987), something that disturbed me as a child.

Sarah and Tom embark on the “honeymoon from hell” which means they get lost driving in France, get kicked out of a swanky hotel that they almost burn down, get encased in a snowball, deal with a crazy co-ed with the hots for Tom, encounter Sarah’s ex-boyfriend on their honeymoon (in the same hotel!), and the list goes on and on.

It was overall a cute movie, with a few moments that had me laughing out loud – especially the newlyweds’ fight in Europe where Sarah throws an ashtray at Tom’s head!!! Oh my god!!! To give you an idea, here’s the trailer:

Despite the movie doing fairly well – it was #1 in its opening week, and stayed in the Top 10 for 4 weeks, I never had any desire to see it, really.

I was pleasantly surprised, as was my sweetie – he rolled his eyes when I said we were watching it and embarking on our little movie marathon. But he laughed harder than I did during some parts!

M, J, & S

Image: Movie poster for Just Married, 2003, 20th Century Fox
Video: Movie trailer for Just Married, 20th Century Fox


Best Wedding Movies?

August 22, 2008

To get into the mindset (as if we weren’t already) of our upcoming nuptials, we thought it might be fun to have an ongoing wedding movie marathon.

Since we are both working film industry, we thought it was an obvious and fun direction to take the Wedding Whirwind blog into. While I can’t promise we’ll post everyday, or watch a movie everyday, we’ll share with you when we do!

What are some of your favorite movies? Feel free to leave a comment so we can add to our movie queue on Netflix.

We inadvertently started the marathon last night, while we watched Just Married on TV. We’ll get into that later.

M, J, and S


And the Bride Wore Blue Velvet…

April 27, 2008

Blue Velvet, David Lynch, 1986

(Blue Velvet collage from IMDB)

And the bride wore Blue Velvet, bluer than velvet was the night…This post is nothing like the song.

Aside from Saks in the email Emily had sent me with some prospective places to search for a wedding dress, she included a little shop called Blue, as you learned in that last post. I’m starting off with Blue for a couple of reasons – it was in the initial email Emily sent and I also like to get the bad news first and end on a good note. I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this one…

The description she had sent me from New York Magazine online sounded interesting to me, so I thought I would give it a try. It mentioned hip brides; custom-made. I looked up the designer online and saw good things. Not many, but good. The only thing that irked me a little was the one Blue user review…it was scathing. Written by the husband, no less! Here’s an excerpt:

“…we had a *very* negative experience…My wife asked for the dresses to be ready 2 weeks before the wedding…The dresses were delivered 2 days before the wedding, leaving no time for alterations…Many details were off. For example, the hems on 3 of the dresses were quite uneven. On others the zippers were poorly installed, such that they caused the material to bunch…Of the six custom-made dresses, only 2 fit well. One fit so badly that it was unwearable…sloppy craftsmanship.”

I read that and thought, “Whoa” but remembered that it’s only one review and I hadn’t really come across anything else too negative, so I dialed the phone and made the appointment. But I did have my doubts.

My appointment at Blue was the second, and last, appointment that I scheduled for the day Emily, Melissa, and Donna were with me in the city. It was after our time at Morgane Le Fay (fabulous!!!) and after a great lunch at The Mercer Kitchen. We headed over there, with high hopes.

As we walked, I realized it was near the sketchy Tompkins Square Park, where I had spent some time on set for several films I’ve worked on. Most parts of the park stank like urine. Other parts are alright. In the nooks and crannies of the park you have a very eclectic mix – people practicing Tai Chi (alone), pre-school classes, local street musicians, the homeless, and plenty of crackheads to boot. Nice location, right? But really it’s not that bad, actually. It has a bad reputation from things past, but has improved a lot in recent years.

A lot of cute and fun shops exist in the east village. So I continued the “benefit of the doubt” aim I was going for.

When we approached the front door, I was still a little skeptical. So we went in and there was a group of women – it looked like a mom, daughter, maybe an aunt and a friend – all talking about dresses and saying their goodbyes to the woman that worked there.

Upon our entrance, the woman (turned out to be Christina), asked me if she could help us…I told her yes that I was looking for a wedding dress and had an appointment. At that she asked me what I was looking for, and dumbfounded, I simply said, “Something to wear.”

As they left, the mother turned to me and said “Good luck” but not in a cheerful, friendly way. The wheels in my head turned faster.

The place was in total disarray. Not too many dresses anywhere and to the immediate left seemed to be the workroom, partially hidden behind a large curtain. Oh, and it looked nothing like the cute photo above leads you to believe.

The woman asked me when the wedding was, looked me up and down and said, “Something A-line, something flowy” which was right on the money. OK, a little relief there.

She took me back (maybe 10 feet away) and basically told me to strip, in front of her, without even a dress to try on. I’m not really the modest type, so I put my trust in her and did as she asked (looking at a photo on the wall of her and Linda Evangelista…)

Oh, by the way, none of my friends were allowed back there with us.

She came back with a dress, which resembled an unfinished version of the infamous white number that Marilyn Monroe wears over the subway grate in The Seven Year Itch. She actually had to pin it on me, and in doing so, stabbed me in the boob!

I came out and no one really had a reaction I wanted — and I didn’t resemble Marilyn either — I think we were all a little taken aback by the place. And the woman wasn’t really what I had envisioned, and I’ll leave it at that. She was nice, abrupt, and very fast.

I felt out of place, a sense of dread, and I thought I was probably getting some strange illness from being stabbed in the boob. I got dressed as fast as I could and we were out of there.

I made sure to thank Emily for that one!

When we left, I asked my friends where she even got the dress, as I didn’t see anything around. One of them quickly replied, “From the floor!”

Yes, it is true my experience at Blue was wretched and I wouldn’t personally recommend it to anyone else, but maybe it’s right for someone else. I’d like to meet that girl.

M, J, and S

P.S. A month after we had our appointment at Blue, I noticed that there was a very positive review of the shop. So maybe it’s just hit or miss with this one. You’ll have to go and see for yourself.


“A Four Letter Word” Review in the New York Times Today!

March 29, 2008

NY Times

Last week we posted about a little film we worked on back in the summer of 2006, A Four Letter Word. Well, it opened in New York City this weekend, to a sold out first night and a nice little review by Jeannette Catsoulis in the New York Times.

The title of the review says it all, “Good-Natured Raunchiness” – it’s definitely not your average coming of age story, but that’s what makes it so great.

Check out the review by clicking here.

Anyway, we’re very excited about the film and we had a great time working on it – it was a great cast and crew – something we will never forget. The film was my sweetie’s third collaboration with director, Casper Andreas, and my second.

We can’t wait for the premiere of Between Love & Goodbye, the most recent picture by Andreas, which is hitting the festival circuit this May at the Pink Apple Film Festival in Zurich, Switzerland for its first screening ever.

We’re thrilled!

M, J, and S


“A Four Letter Word” Opening This Weekend in NYC!

March 19, 2008

A Four Letter Word Poster

Hey everybody! We at Wedding Whirlwind have a bit of exciting news (I know, you must be thinking what could be more exciting than our engagement story, wedding plans, and so on!?!?) Well, this is!!!

I thought this might be of interest, plus I’m always up for a little shameless self-promotion when I can (I was the Script Supervisor & my fiance was the cinematographer)!

The multi award-winning* feature gay romantic comedy, “A Four Letter Word“, starring Jesse Archer (of Jesse on the Brink) & Charlie David (of Dante’s Cove), will be opening theatrically Friday, March 28th at Chelsea Clearview Cinemas in New York City.

The film will then continue its theatrical run, opening in Los Angeles and Palm Springs on Friday, April 11th at Laemmle’s Sunset 5 in Hollywood and Cinemas Palm D’or in Palm Springs, followed by Fort Lauderdale on Friday, May 9th at Sunrise Cinemas Gateway Theater.

More cities to come!

Director Casper Andreas and cast will attend the 7:45 PM New York screening for Q & A both Friday and Saturday.

You can view the theatrical trailer at

*Outfest Grand Jury Award “Best Screenplay”
*Q Cinema Audience Award “Best Feature Film”
*Fire Island Film Festival Audience Award “Best Feature Film”
*Festival Del Sol “Best Ensemble Cast”

For more information on the film, visit the official website:

The film was a lot of fun, and it’s a lot of fun to watch — so come out and see it this weekend in NY (or at any of the other screenings).

The better we do this weekend, the longer it will play in each city AND the more likely it is to open in other cities and more theatres.

M, J, and S