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Happy Birthday to the Ring Bearer, Haydn!!!

April 23, 2008

Hadyn after 3 or 4 cotton candies at the engagement party!

(Haydn after 3 or 4 cotton candies at the engagement party, 3/1/2008.)

Hi everybody!

Since today is a very special someone’s birthday, we thought it would be the perfect way to resume posting on our wedding blog! As we wish Mr. Haydn a very special 4th birthday, we can also take a moment to introduce him as our very handsome, very cute Ring Bearer!

We’ve known Haydn since he was born and have been friends with his Mommy and Daddy, Nani and Will, for years. I’ve actually known Nani since our first year of college and our friendship has only grown over the years. I can remember her little truck and listening to country music [I’ll never understand that] in her dorm room! Will is the perfect match for her, and we love him too! Oh, and we can’t forget Haydn’s very special little brother, Graham, who will be 1 this summer!

Nani, Kids, and Us at the Engagement Party

(At the engagement party, 3/1/2008.)

Haydn had a birthday party last Sunday, April 20th, at Ft. De Soto near St. Pete. I heard it was a lot of fun and both my sweetie and I wish we were able to have made it! (Although, we did send Haydn a birthday card and a big package from Toys R Us is on its way!!)

We hope Haydn has a wonderful birthday today and is spoiled all day long! (Hint, hint Mom and Dad.) We also know that he is going to make the very best Ring Bearer any wedding has ever known, and we can’t wait to see him next!

We love you lots and miss you bunches Haydn!

M, J, and S