Yoda Kitty

October 1, 2008
Yoda the Cat (Image from MSNBC/Fame Pictures)
Yoda the Cat (Image from MSNBC/Fame Pictures)

About a month ago, we saw this news article online and bookmarked it to mention it at some point. But you know how it is in the weeks leading up to a wedding…

There is a cat, with four ears, living in a Chicago suburb with a very nice family, the Rocks. The Rocks saved him — Yoda — from a life of misery in a bar. He was 8 weeks old in 2006 when they went to watch a Chicago Bears game in this bar and saw that the patrons called him “Devil Cat” and “Beelzebub.”

He was also kept in a cage at the top of the bar to entertain the customers. So the Rocks adopted him.

You may be wondering what this has to do with our wedding blog? Star, as many of you know, was our honorary flower girl at the wedding.

And she often pulls her “Yoda Kitty” stunt when we have returned from a long trip. She flattens her ears in such a way so that they point out to either side, resembling Yoda. She does this move and meows in such a way that is clearly says, “Where have you been!?” It’s all we can do to not laugh.

However, looking at this picture of Yoda the cat, I can’t help but also be reminded of Star’s favorite Halloween costume, the devil kitty.

Halloween also happens to fall on Star’s birthday, so it’s a pretty special day all around. And we think she is the best looking cat around.

M, J, and S


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