Please Don’t Take My Kodachrome Away…

September 26, 2008

I saw an article online the other day about how Kodak’s Kodachrome film is on its way out. If you’re part of the “digital revolution” — ask my sweetie about this in more detail if you want — you are probably already aware that this has been true for some time.

In fact, I thought that Kodachrome was already gone.

Melissa, Bride, Nani, Alicia, Emily, Jennifer (Photo taken by Mike Bogart)

Anyway, this article reminded me of one of my favorite moments at our wedding reception, which will be two weeks ago tomorrow. Near the end of the evening, some of my best friends and I were dancing in a group to Paul Simon’s Kodachrome.

It’s one of our favorite songs.

Listen to it here. (I would have embedded it, but it wasn’t working out.)

M, J, and S


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