Dead Bug Doug

September 5, 2008

That's Doug driving and me holding on for dear life!

A few months back, my brother Douglas, got his first set of wheels. Two wheels in fact. He got a motorcycle. A Honda CBR F4I to be exact.

It wants to go fast. Doug wants to go faster.

Back in June, when I was down for my mom’s birthday, he decided to take me for a ride. He promised to go slow around the block, and maintained about 15 mph most of the time, but felt like showing off and I caught a “35” on the speedometer once!

I knew I had something to fear immediately. As soon as I got on the back of the bike, all Doug said was, “Don’t. Let. Go.”

And you better believe that I didn’t! I held on so tight to my brother that my sweat outline was on the back of his shirt and my fingernails had left impressions on his ribs! He wasn’t the only left scarred that day…every time I tried to yell to him to “SLOW DOWN” I got a throat-full of dreadlock!

You’ll meet him at the wedding. He’ll be pimpin it in a blue pinstripe suit.

M, J, and S


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