Yes, We’re Still Watching the Weather

September 1, 2008
Hurricane Gustav's location as of 7 AM EST 9/1/2008

Hurricane Gustav location from The Weather Channel website (7 AM EST, 9/1/2008)

Yes, we’re still watching the weather. With the wedding 12 days away in South Florida in the middle of hurricane season, we kinda have to.

Here are the quick points we’ve got so far:

  • Hurricane Gustav is about to make full landfall over Louisiana.
  • It is now a Category 3 — that’s what Katrina was when she hit the city.
  • Almost 2 million people have been moved out of New Orleans.
  • The Republican Party has suspended Convention activities (that’s fine with us).
  • We’ve got Tropical Storm Hanna coming right behind Gustav, but headed (right now) for the east coast of Florida.
  • According to the National Hurricane Center behind Hanna, we have two, yes TWO formations — one with high potential and the other medium.

So yeah, we’re definitely watching the weather.

M, J, and S


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