What Happens in Vegas

September 1, 2008

“Get Lucky.”

“It’s a battle of the sexes and they’re playing dirty.”

Our wedding movie marathon continued with What Happens in Vegas, a 2008 romantic comedy put out by 20th Century Fox. The film stars Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz. It was directed by Tom Vaughan (who apparently directed one episode of Big Love and a couple other things, none of which I have seen.)

It’s a light-hearted movie, the same line of comedy as Just Married which also starred Kutcher. Two young people — a tightly wound stockbroker (Diaz) ironically named Joy and a laid back, unemployed carpenter (Kutcher) named Jack.

Jack and Joy have both ended up in Vegas after a break-up (Joy’s fiance dumped her in front of all their friends) and a firing (Jack’s) and have a wild and crazy night. They wake up only to find out that they are married (to each other), don’t like each other very much, and have just won a $3 million jackpot on the slot machines!

So the story begins.

Joy and Jack end up wanting a divorce and it’s an all out “he said, she said” to see who gets the millions, or even just half. Judge Whopper (played by Dennis Miller) decides granting a divorce is just too easy in today’s day and age of quickie weddings and even quicker divorces. He makes the couple seek marital counseling by none other than Queen Latifah. They are granted a divorce (and the money) if and only if they try to work on their marriage.

The film is filled with a few funny moments (my sweetie’s favorite is when Jack shows Joy that it’s her turn for the dishes) and some slow-moving parts as well. Overall, it’s not a bad movie for purely entertainment and silly giggles – perfect for a wedding movie marathon. If you’re looking for something deeper, What Happens in Vegas, doesn’t really hit the bottom.

Check out the trailer:

We’re on to The Wedding Date next, we’ll let you know how it goes.

M, J, and S

Image: Movie poster for What Happens in Vegas, 2008, 20th Century Fox/Regency Enterprises
Video: Movie trailer for What Happens in Vegas, 2008, 20th Century Fox/Regency Enterprises


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