We’re Old so Sonic Youth Tonight!

August 30, 2008
From Sonic Youth site

I am very excited! Tonight we are going to see Sonic Youth at the McCarren Park Pool in Brooklyn. I can’t wait!!

My sweetie got me the tickets for my birthday last month (I got them on my birthday, the day after our shower!) and was all sneaky about what he got for me. Nothing could have been a better gift!

Thank you so much! XOXO

I am thrilled to be going, I have seen them several times now…Atlanta, West Palm Beach, New York…all great shows. All my favorite!

I think the only other person who would get such a thrill out of this show would be Emily — aren’t you jealous?! (ha ha ha)

So, tonight we’re escaping the fact that we have some loose ends to tie up for the wedding, the idea of Hurricane Gustav, Tropical Storm Hanna, the two other potential storms after her, the fact that we’re old, and going to get some Sonic Youth tonight!

We’ll let you know how it goes.

M, J, and S


One comment

  1. VERY JEALOUS!! Hope you had a blast think you have a totally sweet and considerate husband to be. =)

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