Like it or Not, Hurricane Gustav is Coming

August 30, 2008
Hurricane Gustave Projected Path as of Evening 30 August 2008

Hurricane Gustave Projected Path as of Evening 30 August 2008

So, we just got home from the Sonic Youth concert and I decided to check the weather.  Looks like Hurricane Gustav is currently a Category 4 storm over Cuba as we speak.  I read that the hurricane could escalate to a Category 5 by sometime on Sunday.

Scary stuff.

They already started mandatory evacuations for New Orleans.  Let’s hope that things end up better than with Hurricane Katrina.  My sweetie thinks that good ole Bush should go and hang out in New Orleans and get a feel for what it’s really like during times like this.

I thought we had it bad with Tropical Storm Fay but this series of new storms (Gustav, Hanna, and two other systems right behind her!) I am probably (maybe) going to be biting the nails I’ve taken so long to actually grow before the wedding.

Like my sweetie told Brad the other day, I’ve been upstairs, glued to the “computer tracking hurricanes like a [blank] meteorologist and yelling at him for where they’re going!”  It’s true.  The National Hurricane Center is on the top of my bookmarks list.

Aside from our wedding, I really hope they are ready in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.  Talked to Mom today and they were already feeling feeder bands, and they’re in South Florida (east coast).  Let’s hope something miraculous happens.

In the meantime, I will be on the edge of my seat.

M, J, and S


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