The Hair Pins Have Arrived

August 25, 2008
Swarovski Confetti Hairpins

Swarovski Confetti Hairpins

I know I should continue the story I left you all with months ago — the search for the dress — but I thought, since I was digressing anyway, that I would talk a little bit about my accessories for the big day.

Of course I’ll have my gorgeous engagement ring, but in order to make the day as perfect as possible, the right accessories are essential!

After picking the right dress (and boy have I got the right dress!) you have a lot to think about. I had met with my stylist, Donna, and discussed options for hair styles.

I wanted something whimsical, fun, and not too perfect — and we settled on a good one. Can’t wait to see it.

The style was kind of based on the inspiration of our discussion and the picture I brought her of these oh-so-perfect Swarovski Confetti Hair Pins.

In my mind, they were already mine. It took a little while to talk myself into splurging on these (my sweetie said, “just do it”) but thought that one day if we have a girl or if my sister gets married or Meya needs them for her wedding, they could be a beautiful option for the “something borrowed” for someone someday.

They come in a set of three. They are rhodium-plated with accents of White Alabaster, White Opal, and clear Swarovski crystals. They are perfect. They are in my hand!

M, J, and S



  1. think your hair is going to be really lovely

  2. You are going to look like a princess, Melissa. I can’t wait to see the pictures. I only wish I could see you in person!

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