Stupid Seating Charts!

August 24, 2008
Image courtesy of www.perfecttableplan.com

Image courtesy of http://www.perfecttableplan.com. This is NOT the seating plan at our wedding.

My sweetie and I sat down to work out our seating chart today, and boy, did it kick our butts!

So we have more or less the final head count (more on the lost art of wedding RSVPs in another post) and thought it would be easy.

We couldn’t be more wrong. We worked on it for almost two hours and both had headaches after word.

I can’t tell you how much this wedding will drive us to drink!

And we thought it was all hard when we were back at the stage of finding the perfect dress, venue, and officiant.

We had to put the seating plan away to regroup. We will kick off the bride and groom vs. seating plan round 2 tomorrow during my lunch.

We’ll let you know who wins.

M, J, and S


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  1. Let me know if I can help in anyway.

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