Fay Fay Going Away – Coming Back?

August 20, 2008

Image from National Hurricane Center. Showing Tropical Storm Fay on 8/20/2008.

So, Tropical Storm Fay hit the keys, and did a little damage throughout the lower part of the state. I saw on the news that it ripped the roofs off a couple of barns at Palm Beach Equine Sports Complex, in Wellington.

Nothing is too damaged, but I do have it in mind to send someone down to check out the Sundy House.

Talked to my mom and Nana and they both said they got a lot of rain and lots of winds. Mom says Josie (their black lab/pitbull mix) must have a strong heart because otherwise, Monday night she would have died of a heart attack she was so scared.

Scared enough to jump into bed with Dad as he slept only to be kicked out with loud shouts of “What the hell are you doing in here?!” I can hear it now and am laughing at the thought of it. Everyone knows Dad doesn’t really like the animals in his bed.

I’m glad the worst is over for a lot of people, but the storm is slowly heading up the state. Gainesville may get a little of it as well as Jacksonville and St. Augustine. Officials are saying that this storm could actually turn around and hit them again, though!

“This storm is going to be with us for a while. That’s obvious now. It looks like it could be a boomerang storm,” Governor Charlie Crist (R) was quoted saying.

I hope that doesn’t happen! Only 3 more Saturdays till our big day, so go away Fay! (And keep your friends away, too!)

M, J, and S



  1. We hope that Fay is long gone before your special day, good luck.

  2. Okay second day of everything closed from schools to publix to the YMCA, you know everything. Crappy weather and stuck inside now it looks like still with a 2 year old. Lost some big limbs right where jeremy’s truck goes, but some how he chose that hr to run in and grab somthing from the office. Missed one!

  3. Jer is so lucky! That’s some good timing on his part. Sorry to hear you are stuck in the house, but tell little miss that Auntie says not to drive Mommy too batty! (Admit it, you love her! ha ha)


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