Fay Fay Go Away

August 17, 2008

Picture courtesy of National Hurricane Center in Miami. Satellite image shows Fay near Cuba Sunday afternoon.

As the wedding nears (4 weeks from yesterday!) we are thinking more and more about Hurricane Season ’08.  It seems that this year, so far, there have already been a couple tropical storms and hurricanes.  While none of them have had a negative effect on South Florida, there still is time!

Tropical Storm Fay, who is just a tropical storm as of 7:25 PM EST tonight, poses enough threat that many people are heading out of the Florida Keys.  Right now, her path is targeted for mostly the west coast, and while I am no meteorologist, I know that big enough storms can wreak havoc in the surrounding areas.

I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed that she doesn’t get any worse.  I’ll do the same in hopes that Hurricane Season ’08 remains quiet (up to and after the wedding).

M, J, and S



  1. Yes we hope that Fay won’t effect you wedding plans or anyone else’s, good luck

  2. There is nothing to worry about as far as hurricanes are concerned. A little rain is good luck anyway. Besides mother nature has nothing compared to the wrath of Hurricane Melissa. YOU would not stand for bad weather on your wedding day.

    Did you pick up your dress, are you having it shipped down to Florida? Are your flower arrangements done?


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