One Month to Go!

August 13, 2008

Today is 13 August 2008!  Do you know what that means?

The wedding is exactly one month away!  Yay!  Or should we say “uh-oh!”

All the major stuff is done, and we’re still dealing with invitation crisis after crisis, but we are well on our way.  Just a few small details that need to get done.

We are well on our way to an exciting new chapter…let’s see where the next thirty days take us.

M, J, and S



  1. Congratulations, guys! I’m so thrilled for you and honored to have been invited. Sadly, I can’t make it down to Florida (I wish it were in Brooklyn, but yeah, you’d miss some grandeur in Brooklyn I’m afraid!)

    Anyway, thanks for always reading my blog and commenting! I’m excited to dip into your registry (it’ll be my first time, and I never say that!) As an alternative, maybe I could take you two to a celebratory dinner and we could catch up?

    Kissssss and congrats,
    PS. Who is “S”? A cat?

  2. Jesse! So sorry you can’t make it to the wedding — I know it’s always a lot to ask for people to travel!

    I’m shocked that there’s a first time for you for ANYTHING! Would love to get together and catch up. Let’s plan on it.

    “S” is our cat, Star.

    M, J, and S

  3. Three weeks to go, looking forward to it!

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