Wing Walking Wedding!

August 5, 2008

I now have a new use for Dad’s plane…wing walking.  But not just your everyday, average wing walking — I am talking wing walking weddings.  It could be the next big thing!

Actually, even though I have gone flying with my father plenty of times (well, I think I could actually count it on one hand) the thought of climbing out of the plane and crawling up onto the wings and roof of the Cessna has never occurred to me.  Not even once.

Not until I saw the news today.  The headline read, “Couple Gets Married Midair”, and I knew I just had to know more.  It’s actually one of the more bizarre wedding schemes I have ever come across.  Bizarre and bonkers!

A British couple got married sky high — talk about the mile high club, right!  The bride was strapped to one plane while the groom was strapped to the other.  The priest was strapped to a lead plane and the ceremony was conducted over loudspeakers. I wonder where the guests were.

I embedded a video for you all to see…enjoy!

Couple is married midair

Couple is married midair

I hate to tell my parents, but I think we’re going to change the wedding venue from The Sundy House to about 5,000 miles up!

See you all in 6 weeks!

M, J, and S


One comment

  1. OMG–don’t try it! Well, okay, totally try it, just strap on a parachute instead of a veil!


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