The Dangerous Combination of a Wedding Registry & an Excited Bride

July 23, 2008

So, there are definite dangers to having a wedding registry, which we have recently discovered. First and foremost, it allows the bride and groom to periodically check up on the registry list and see what has been purchased and what has not.

For the bride that can’t wait and has been known to secretly unwrap gifts on Christmas Eve and carefully re-wrap them as a child, the wedding registry is very dangerous…especially with a Wedding Shower just around the corner!

My sweetie loves a good surprise, and so do I. But having the registry at my disposal has been a tease! I’ve found myself logging in and taking a quick look in the morning, on my lunch break (when I take one), and in the evening. And then quite promptly giving my sweetie a full update — which he tries to avoid!

But it’s not like we don’t already know what’s on those lists — we did make them after all.

So, I have made the promise not to check the registry anymore…not even a little bit until after the shower. Maybe even a little longer than that. (We may have to update it before the wedding once more, so I will be forced to check it then.)

This will give the groom some peace and quiet and the bride a little bit of surprise and excitement! (It doesn’t matter, it’s all still very exciting!)

M, J, & S



  1. I would be one to check also…it’s hard not too!

    Decided to check up on you and hope your wedding planning is going well!

  2. Thanks for checking up — things are going along! So close now!

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