Which Designer Would You Choose?

April 29, 2008

Everyone needs a little gimmick every now and then…

I was just thinking, if you could have any designer – anyone in the whole world – design your wedding dress, who would it be? Think about it for a moment, of all the greatest designers out there, living or dead, who do you love their designs so much that you would love to have your wedding dress designed by them just for you?!?! Would it be who we all think of – Monique Lhuillier, Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta…

And I’m not talking about going out and getting a dress which was made by one of these people…I’m talking about them making the dress especially for you

I thought about this for about a split second, and honestly, I’d probably pick Betsey Johnson. Anyone who knows me probably saw this coming from a mile away. Betsey’s all over my closet – from dresses to shoes to jewelry; you name it! She’s so much fun. She’s been my favorite since I can remember…since forever.

(I could totally wear this dress, from her 2008 runway show.)

When I’m sad, I usually go to the Betsey boutique in SoHo and try on a few dresses…sometimes the only way to make me feel better is to actually bring one home!

(Betsey after February 2008 runway show)

And I adore that she does a cartwheel at the end of every runway show! I came across a clip of Designer Diaries a YouTube hosted show for Nylon TV. In this fun few minutes we get to see Betsey talking about what inspired her for her 30-year-anniversary collection, which hit the catwalk February 2008. Love it!!

In the words of Betsey…”[we] always love a gimmick…”

Bridesmaid dresses, anyone?

M, J, and S



  1. yes, please! Bridesmaid dresses from betsey for us!!!!!

  2. I think either Zac Posen or Carolina Herrera. Something classy and sexy.

  3. Good choices, Rebekah…I prefer Carolina…did you choose your dress yet? Did you order it?

  4. I have ordered it! It should be arriving the beginning of July! I’m so excited. Now I have to find the perfect dress for your wedding! I cannot wait! I love exclamation points!!!

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