Lifelike Wedding Cakes…Really?

April 29, 2008

Two weeks from this Saturday, my sweetie and I are going to the Sundy House (the wedding venue) for our menu tasting. I’ll definitely be posting about that event as well as our initial visit to the Sundy House which solidified it as our #1 choice for our upcoming nuptials, but for now, just a quick thought.

When we have our menu tasting, we will also be doing our cake tasting, since we’re rarely in the South Florida area; figured we’d kill two birds with one stone. (Blegh…after writing that and saying it out loud, this will be the last time I use that phrase…I like birds and don’t want to kill them.)

So, thinking about the upcoming cake tasting, I’ve been wondering what flavors, what style, and what design the cake should take. I really haven’t thought a thing about it until just the other day, really. So I did a little research online and came across this…Click the link, you know you want to.


I saw this and felt confused and a little freaked out. By the way, doesn’t the groom look a little afraid?

Who does this? Besides this couple, I mean.

I really don’t even have the words…why don’t you share yours and leave a comment here.

M, J, and S



  1. Well I think that is just scary! I think you must really love yourself to do something like that, and why is it just the bride? Isn’t a wedding supposed to be about the two of you?

    Great blog.


  2. that’s totally bizarre…so when you save the top tier of the cake for the next year, they’ll be saving the head? and in that case they’ll have a frozen head in their freezer that looks like the bride. creepy!

  3. I know — a head in the freezer. Gross!

  4. Let’s just hope that the only head in the freezer, after a year of being married, will be the head of the cake and not her real one!! God Bless the man that married her, for that whole concept is quite scary to me.

  5. Wedding is such a big day. Everyone wants to remember they were their best at their wedding and on their honeymoon since it’s such an unforgettable event in anyone’s life.

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