Baby Bayfield on the Way! Congrats to Non-Bridesmaid Karla!

April 28, 2008

OK, so we’ve known about this since mid-to late February and it was absolutely killing me not to say a word about it! I went through our entire engagement party in Gainesville on March 1st without spilling the beans, and have wanted to do a congratulatory post for some time…

Anyway, I just wanted everyone to know that my very own non-bridesmaid, Karla, and her Aussie hubby, Justin (who I used to fondly refer to as our very own Crocodile Hunter to Karla until she made me stop about 6 or so years ago…), are expecting their first baby right this fall. The baby is due to make his or her debut in early October of this year!

How exciting, we are thrilled, as are the new parents-to-be, I’m sure.

(3/1/2008, The parents-to-be and me at the Engagement Party, Gainesville)

The only sad news associated with this thrilling announcement is that while Karla was an official “non-bridesmaid” she and Justin will likely not be attending our wedding this September 13th…I’ll be sure to thank Baby Bayfield someday (wink) for impeccable timing!

Oh, and I am thanking Baby B’s parents right now for not wanting to find out what the gender of the baby will be!!! Do you know how hard it makes to go shopping?????

Congratulations, guys, we couldn’t be happier for you! See you both soon.

M, J, and S


One comment

  1. So happy for you both!!!!

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