New Addition to the Family!

April 1, 2008

Hi everyone! We have some very exciting news to share with all of you!!

Since we are finally engaged and on our way to a wedding (going through the whirlwind as you already know), we’ve also been thinking about adding to our family for quite some time. We would have done it sooner, but were worried about our Star-cat. We thought about it long and hard and now that she’s about 10 years old, we think it’s time. It’s finally about time to get her acclimated to another presence in the house, so we got a new pet.

I know some of you may have just been thinking a baby! Well, sorry to disappoint you, but we are having a baby of our own kind – another animal.

We’d like to introduce you to Rocky, and have included his picture below. We always thought Star would do well with a baby brother. He’s half cat, half squirrel. We figured this would be so much easier since she would only have to acclimate halfway…

Isn’t he cute?

Rocky the Squirrel Cat

We love him lots! We hope you do, too.

M, J, and S

P.S. Happy April Fools’ Day!!






  1. at first i thought, nice a new kitten… then i remembered sam bringing us to pet the gatos at the humane society and loving the sickly ones… and i said to my self – well thats super exciting, there is a new kitten, but now sam is totally going to go and get one because she’ll see that you have one and that will make me responsible for 3 cats and 2 dogs and oh goodness where does it end… then as i scrolled down to the the pic but my mind was so worked up skipping to my mom’s oddly domesticated possum that sneaks food from her outside cat dish and is now pregnant (i think from another possum)… and then recalling that star as fantastico as she is, is some what of a loner, and then i was thinking about her and her upset about the new cat and i can’t imagine that jon would ever want to stress out star…then…WHAT is that? that is a fake picture i’m sure. i thought you just said “mean people suck” tricky tricky. well at least that lame-o blog crasher has something more interesting to read today 😉

  2. M P S — That is by far the best comment you or anyone else has ever left. We’re dying laughing here! XOXO

  3. Mom wants a few, and she is serious!

  4. I have one of those!!! Just kidding!! But if I could, you can bet I would! And shame on Marco. Obviously, he is an old grouch who is very unhappy and wants everyone else to take the ride with him. Well, shame on you Marco. Go Away!!

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