And The Wedding Whirlwind Actually Begins – With the List and the Flowers and the Dress…

March 28, 2008

And so it begins, the wedding whirlwind for which this blog is so fabulously named…

One you are officially engaged there is so much added to your plate. Not only are you continuing on with your daily routine but now you have to think about planning a wedding, making a guest list, choosing a venue, picking your wedding party, thinking about accommodations for guests, what kind of wedding bands you want, should you go with a band or a DJ, what about photography, who can do my hair and makeup, what shoes should I wear, do we have an engagement party, what will the girls wear, where do I get a pillow for the ring bearer, do we really have to throw a bouquet, what kind of flowers, the colors of the wedding, tuxes or suits, day or night, will my sweetie cut his hair, should I grow mine, do we have the event in Florida or New York, what about the honeymoon, who will marry us, what kind of cake should we have, do I need to have a huge rehearsal the day before, will we have bad weather, what about the invitations, oh God – do we need to send out save-the-dates, the engagement announcement in the newspaper, and the list goes on and on. (Anyone who has planned a wedding recently knows that the list really does go on and on…)

Oh yeah, and it’s time to pick a dress.

The dress.

For anyone who has a problem making decisions, choosing a wedding dress can be quite a difficult task – choosing anything about one of the most major events of your life can put the pressure on.

The dress decision itself can be a life changing and life influencing decision; one that you may regret later on down the road when you pick up that wedding album and cringe at what you wore. Or your guests might cringe at what you’re wearing. It goes both ways. (But it’s not about the guests – it’s all about YOU!)

For the fashionphile, choosing between so many different dresses could be the problem. You might want to wear all 60 that you’ve tried on. Or you can’t decide between two. Or you really, really, really don’t like wedding gowns.

The dress decision can be influenced by any or all of the issues I’ve mentioned or by none of them. It really just depends on the person. Which means it really just depends on me, and what I want, which I’ve learned over the past few weeks and months.

If this post overwhelmed you, it should. Because that’s the way I feel sometimes when it comes to the dress, and the rest of that list. As we continue with each post, I hope to give you a little insight on what we went through, some tips I’ve picked up, and give you a couple of laughs along the way.

It’s enough to make us googly-eyed! Kinda like this:

Big Eyes

M, J, and S



  1. We know the dress, Just get it! Its beautiful, not seen everywhere, its you, fits like its made for you, something out of midsummers night dream.

  2. I’ve recently changed my mind about THE dress I’ve tried on several times…have that one and another I’m thinking about.

    It’s a difficult decision, Emily!!!



  3. As a professional dressmaker, I do know the pain you brides-to-be go through when trying to choose a flattering gown. My biggest piece of advice nowadays, is to tell people it doesn’t have to be all white, if you don’t want it to be. And most people don’t assign any meaning to the dress color anymore…

  4. Hey everyone!

    I think Mimi left this comment in an effort to give a little link love to her own site, which is fine…since it’s actually kinda relevant to our Wedding Whirlwind blog, I’m going to leave it (it is no-follow though) and put it here, just in case it helps bring them a little traffic.

    She works with Find a Dressmaker —

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