Christmas 2007 Morning – Engagement Day Part One

March 24, 2008

6:30 AM EST – So I woke up like a little kid on Christmas morning. Ok, alright, so it technically was Christmas morning. And I’m not quite a little kid – maybe just a big one. I leaned over and said to my sweetie, “Merry Christmas! Do you have something for me?” I shouldn’t have to remind you that I was half-expecting the ring to have already been put on my finger in my sleep.

All I got was a groan that somewhat resembled a “Merry Christmas and no present for you, not now.”

With that, I got up, went downstairs and greeted my parents, who were the only ones up, aside from the six cats, dog, parrot, and turtles. We chatted for a little while. We looked at the explosion of Christmas gifts on the floor of the living room underneath the redwood resembling tree smothered in black and red ornaments, black birds, and lights. I showered and headed to Jennifer’s room.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, poor kid…

She was sound asleep; I armed myself with the knowledge that a sleeping Jennifer is one that will allow me to wear just about anything I choose from the closet. Currently, and in wide awake states, I am allotted only 3 to 4 t-shirts and a single blouse, which I paid for. The kid has about a hundred tops. And with this, I am not embellishing in any way.

And I chose the shirt I would be wearing when I would become engaged – a cute little red number, which Jennifer appropriately wore the weekend of our engagement party. (For those of you who recall my engagement dress – I did, for a half-second think about putting that on, but I thought it might give my expectations away…I had been drawing the line for the last several days.)

I checked back on my sweetie at about 7:00 AM – still sleeping.

Went downstairs, had a snack. Hung out with the family. After waking up to my rifling through her closet, Jennifer joined us. Then, it was getting late. And my mom did say if we wanted breakfast or any presents, everyone had to be up.

Like we were four years old…waiting for Sandy Claws.

Sandy Claws

(Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas)

So I took it upon myself to move the day along. First it was Christopher, who had relocated to Mom and Dad’s bed. BODYSLAM!!! Two minutes later, he’s up for the day.

Next is Douglas, asleep in his cave bed – he has removed his closet doors and has shoved the bed into the closet, as a built in wall headboard. Jumped on his bed and poked him with my toes till he awoke.

Then it’s time for Dale to be awake. We must always wake Dale up as carefully as possible otherwise, there could be an atomic outburst from him, with everyone running. So, I woke him up quietly and gently saying “Merry Christmas, there’s breakfast” – which was a small lie; Mom hadn’t really started cooking.

So, I went downstairs and informed my parents that everyone was up. Everyone, but my sweetie that is…

M, J, and S


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