The Eve of the Engagement…Yes, Continued

March 21, 2008

When my sweetie and my sister (Maid of Honor, Jennifer) arrived back from my Nana and Papa’s home, with a load of unwrapped presents my mother had been hiding there, I couldn’t wait to see what had happened over there.

First, Jennifer came in and looked at me and said something like, “You’re going to marry Jon. We know all about it.” I just looked at her and said, “Well, yeah, it isn’t like it’s a big secret.” Then I slapped her on the butt and ran away. (This is a thing we do – among other annoyances I bestow upon the poor kid.)

So, the next thing I did was naturally give Jon the third degree on what had gone on. And he told me.

Before he told me the story, he did mention that the ring was not yet mine and not to even bother asking!

He said he sat down with Nana and Papa (and yes, Jennifer – I guess we needed her permission as well). He showed them the ring. They listened patiently and then they examined the ring carefully. (However, this would not be the first time they had seen the ring, I had shown them a picture of the original design the week of Thanksgiving.)

Jennifer just sat silently, said nothing throughout the whole visit – for those of you who know Jennifer, you know that this is a feat in and of itself. A true Christmas miracle.

As it turns out, Nana and Papa had been expecting this for some time. In fact, for the past several years, Nana had consistently asked me what our intentions were. I think she is really just in the mood for a great-grandchild. (Sorry Nana, but you might need to keep hoping there!) She is, however, already on the prowl for the perfect “Nana of the Bride dress”. As we all know, Nana loves to shop, especially for fashionable items.

Papa made it very clear to Jon that he had better take care of me, or he would have my Papa to deal with. No one wants to mess with Papa.

Side note here (edited in after original posting):  Jon made mention that Papa actually also said that he had a very good time spending time with Jon on the cruise [September 2006, New England] and that he thought that he was very good for me.  And welcomed him to our family.

At this point, Jennifer is still utterly silent. Continuing the Christmas miracle.

On the way back to my parents’ house, Jennifer said to Jon in the quietest voice, “You’re going to marry my sister???!!!” to which Jon replied, “Yes, which means I’m your brother for real now!”

And he punched her lightly on the arm.

Great, Jennifer now has 4 older brothers. And me. Poor girl.


M, J, and S








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