A Look into the Mind of the Bride-to-Be the Night Before the Engagement

March 21, 2008

Imagine, Christmas Eve 2007. It’s a muggy, warm South Florida evening, not unlike almost every other night of the year, except it’s the middle of winter.Your three brothers are constantly pounding on the master bedroom door yelling, “Let me in! Are those packages downstairs for me?? Can I come in?” As they shout through the door, they stick their grubby little fingers under the door and jiggle the doorknob as if they were mast lock pickers. During this commotion, your mother flips out yelling back and diving over the unwrapped gifts every time – thinking that this time will be when they burst through the door and see all the loot that will soon cover the living room floor like a 10-ton Santa-bomb exploded. It is hilarious.

Side Note:

You would think my brothers are little boys, but they’re not. They range from 20 to 23. They are the three chipmunks – Dale, Christopher, and Douglas. Or better yet, Crabman (or Snoop Dogg – think of the new video for “Sensual Seduction” and you’ll get the idea!), Easily the lightning bolt throwing Master Shaman or Warlock constantly battling Shatner (or Fatboy – depending on my mood), and Wally (or Dread-Head or Dead-Bug-Doug or anything else on the long list of things we like to call him!).

While all the commotion is going on, and you are frantically wrapping gifts you have no idea who they are intended for, cutting ribbon, and have tape to every finger but the whole time, you know that your soon-to-be fiancé and sister are at your Nana and Papa’s house – getting more gifts to wrap and he is asking permission to marry you.

You already know how it went with Mom and Dad at home. But you are left wondering how it will go with Nana and Papa. You recall how one day how you were told that your Papa would “punch him in the nose” if he was mean to you. That hadn’t yet occurred, but you had to wonder what Papa might say. Or still, what Nana might say.

Really you just keep thinking to yourself, when he gets back, “Do I get the ring tonight????” and keep wrapping presents.



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