Almost Engaged…The Christmas Countdown

March 16, 2008

Baby Polar Bear

Let me throw you guys back into the wedding engagement whirlwind that I left you with. Looking back, you’ll remember that is was Christmas Eve, and not on the early side once we got to my parents’ house in south Florida. Christmas Eve is actually one of my favorite days of the year…you know, with Santa due to make his appearance and all…

We arrive, tired, hungry, and I was more than likely a little irritable. Anyone who knows me will probably say that’s an understatement. I can’t remember my exact mood, but I know it was a combination of emotions – knowing what (the ring) was in my sweetie’s pocket, being subjected to his teasing for several days, the excitement of the holiday itself, and hunger. (When my blood sugar gets low…watch out!)

Flashback to that evening:

My mother is upstairs with Jennifer (or is it E.T.??) wrapping presents. (You may be thinking to yourself, Christmas Eve is surely last minute to wrap the Christmas gifts, but in our family, there is no other way. And to top it off, there are never just a few gifts, the entire floor of the living room is filled with boxes, bags, and packages which tends to overflow into the entrance, coffee table, piano, and dining room table. We don’t mess around.) My sweetie and I have a quick dinner of the turkey, mashed potatoes, and all the trimmings that were waiting for us. Josie (my parents’ black Labrador-pitbull mix) is begging at my feet for a piece of anything on my plate.

I head upstairs to help Mom and Jennifer and to harass my three brothers, who all were there at the same time (shock!) As I make my way downstairs, slightly irritated that Jon had not helped me with the large (and heavy suitcase), I see him talking to my dad outside on the patio – one on one. I knew what was happening, so I kept my mouth shut and silently went up the stairs.

Next thing I know, Jennifer, my Mom, and Jon are huddled together…my sister and soon-to-be fiancé are about to make their way to Nana and Papa’s to get some [more] gifts my mom had hidden at their house. Yay – I knew what would be in store for them…so I kissed my sweetie good-bye and slapped Jennifer on the behind (something I tend to do when I am around her).

Later that night, Dad and I were out front, taking pictures of the metal wire and light baby polar bear that my brother, Douglas, had strategically placed in the bushes in a ready to pounce hunting position a short distance behind an unsuspecting metal wire and light baby seal. Of course it would be our family’s house to represent Christmas with death and destruction! (It was the hit of the neighborhood; at least from all the pagans!) While we were out there, Dad looked over at me and said, “Jon asked me [and mom] if it was OK to marry you. It was a little formal. I didn’t know what to make of it.” To which I responded, “I know. You said OK, right!”

I had to laugh a little because not only did Dad think it was a little formal, he wanted to know if I pressured Jon into breaking the bank on the gorgeous engagement ring. I let him know we got a great deal and it wasn’t too much! (And then reminded him that I am a very expensive girl anyway…)

And with that, I’ll leave you for a bit.






  1. Wow wow wow! Your christmas eve is so amazing! I didn’t read the whole thing but i think it was good. Just to let u know in my family we wrap the gifts in the last minute aswell. Omg! I am really amazed in ur christmas! I was surprised though that ur entire floor is covered with boxes! In my family it doesn’t work that way. We give a few pressents and my parrents give a few. (a few is about 2-3 sometimes 4)

  2. hah, that is a pretty big party u have on christmas eve!

    • Are you REALLY! Hannah Montana? I dought it! But if you are, then hi! I’m a BIG fan. Are you a Christian? Bye! One of you biggest fans, Emily May

  3. Coot babeye Pola bea!! Sooooooooo COOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Omg this polar bear is so cute.. i so getting one when i older

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