A Christmas Story…er…I Mean “Engagement Story”

February 28, 2008

Well, it has been long enough, let me get back to the “engagement story” – which kind of reminds me of A Christmas Story (only because it takes place at Christmastime and instead of my wanting the Red Ryder BB gun which will shoot my eye out….I want a big, pretty diamond ring!)

So, after putting up with several days of my sweetie teasing me with the ring box in his pocket and dangling the box in front of me, Christmas morning rolled around. Christmas Eve afternoon we left his parents’ home and headed to my parents’ house – a 3 hour drive, which ended up being a bit more due to traffic and weather.

What had me a little worried about when I would actually get the ring were some ground rules I had set years ago; that and the fact that Jon wanted to ask both my father and my papa for permission to marry me. Those ground rules happened to be (way before I knew I was even getting a ring) that under no circumstance should Jon ever propose to me on the following days:

1) My birthday
2) Valentine’s Day
3) Our anniversary
4) Christmas
5) Thanksgiving
6) New Years

Through my work, I found that the above occasions are the most popular and common days for people to become engaged…so I didn’t want it. (I mean, I would take it, of course and did….but I think I was caught up in the notion of my sweetie doing something really fabulous – or maybe I was just being too demanding, either could be true.)

So, now that I knew there was a ring in Jon’s pocket AND it was Christmas Eve, I thought I was really in trouble!!! (My sweetie was also cruel enough to keep telling me that the ring was not mine until he chose to give it to me! What a meanie…)

Anyway, as we all know, it ended up working out.

More to come.




  1. thanks for adding me to your blogroll! i’ll do the same.
    I love how honest you are. I too would HATE if he proposed on a common holiday. Is that your diamond ring up there? pretty! I’m looking forward to seeing your wedding pictures when you post them 🙂

  2. Yes, that is my ring up at the top of the blog…thanks for visiting!!!

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