Happy Birthday to the Nana of the Bride!

February 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Nana of the Bride!

My sweetie, our cat, and I wanted to let everyone know that today is actually a very special day. Today, my Nana, Connie, is turning 81 years old! You would never know it though, since she acts like she is 81 going on 18. Nana is very active, very opinionated, very smart, always right (or so she says), can diagnose any medical ailment within minutes, very hip, and also a very chic lady. (We went on a cruise last year with Nana and Papa, and let me tell you, Nana had a different outfit planned with all the accessories for daytime, lunch, and dinner! She was always dressed to the nines!)

Here’s a recent picture of our very cool Nana, it’s from Christmas 2007…if she doesn’t like it, we’ll put a different one up.

Super Chic Nana


We wanted to thank you, Nana, for hosting the Parents Meet and Greet with Papa two weeks ago. It was an overall success, I think! (And now you can relax since you were finally able to check out Jon’s family.)

Have a very, very happy birthday, Nana! Enjoy your day.

M, J, and S



  1. Thank you Melissa for that very special introduction on your Blog! I wish everyone could borrow those Rose Colored Glasses you wear. Only a very special granddaughter could do such very special things.


  2. Happy Birthday Nana! Melissa is right about her Nana-she is an incredible woman! We were all very impressed with her and Papa and the dinner they gave for us. They were excellent hosts that evening we were so impressed. Everyone should know Papa made a chocolate cake and Nana made a cheesecake for dessert that evening! We all should be so lucky to be as active as she is at her age. Thank you again,Connie and Jack ~we are glad our son Jon gets to enjoy having grandparents in his life again.

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