You Can Subscribe to Wedding Whirlwind Blog Now!

February 20, 2008

Hi everyone!

So I had wanted to put this nifty little tool that allows our readers to subscribe to the blog and get email updates every time I put up a new post or update. As many of you already are very much aware, I am no computer guru, except on my super lucky days. However, when Melissa (of Melissa and Patrick fame) emailed me this morning and asked if I could do it, I decided to research it all again.

If you would like to keep up with our daily happenings and our story from this point on (and there will be plenty to read as we get closer and closer to the wedding and I get closer and closer to freaking out, I promise) just take a gander over to the right of the blog, in the sidebar.

You’ll see the title “Subscribe” and underneath that “Subscribe to Wedding Whirlwind by Email” — if you would like to get emails automatically so you stay up to the very last minute with how everything is going, click that link. Then fill in your email address and follow the instructions to confirm your subscription.

After that, just watch your email for the confirmation email and follow the directions. Then, voila! You should be subscribed.

Emily, my dear, this should help you out a lot. Call me if you need help.

I took the liberty of signing Melissa up for the subscription. She’s our first real fan!


M, J, and S


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