The Ring’s Arrival: Twas Shortly Before Christmas

February 17, 2008

Let’s get back to the next installment of the engagement story, since several of you have asked me to finish it before I discuss anything else. Well, here goes. And it really is not as involved as you may think. Refreshing our memories, I had found an engagement ring that I really loved, but was out of our range. So, we talked to the great folks over at Abazias Diamonds and had the ring specially designed for us – pretty close to what I originally saw, so that was very exciting!Flashback to Friday, December 21st 2007. It’s my sweetie’s birthday (he turned VERY OLD, ha ha) and I am especially giddy with my good friend Melissa in Gainesville. We’ve had a girls’ day out – eyebrow waxing, wine shopping, lunch out, and general wedding talk, despite the fact that at that point, Jon and I were not officially engaged. We were still at that “unofficially official” stage. I head to Orlando for his birthday and to spend the few days before Christmas with my future in-laws.

The entire time I was entirely too excited about the prospect of my shiny new ring being delivered to my future in-laws’ home that Saturday morning. You see, the ring, as it was custom-made, took several weeks (which felt like several centuries) to be ready, so I was more than ready to get engaged! I knew the ring was on its way, which also meant that I was about to become the future “Mrs. My Sweetie” (since I haven’t yet decided what my name will be!)

So, the UPS man arrived, and I answered the door with so much excitement I may have given him a coronary. I was the only one there…well, my sweetie’s dad was somewhere, but I wasn’t sure, and my sweetie had left me alone to go pick up some breakfast. I signed for the package and set it down in the dining room, but let me tell you, it was calling my name…

My sweetie arrived in a panic, seeing that the UPS delivery truck was still outside the house. I am the type of person to ask and ask what the gift is, to shake the packages, and all that jazz. However, I had done nothing of the sort, except to don my engagement dress, and wait patiently (well, not quite patiently, I had called Melissa and Patrick as a diversion).

So, with Aunt Thelma and my sweetie’s dad, I sat at the kitchen table as Jon nervously opened the UPS package. And then the other package. And then the other package, finally to reveal a small box. He opened it and refused to let me see, although Aunt Thelma and his father took a peek. At which point, I decided to let him know that I “needed” to at least see it to make sure it was right! So he let me sneak a peek, too.

Oh, and for the entire weekend leading up to Christmas, we still weren’t engaged. He carried the box in his pocket day and night and every now and then would pull it out of his pocket and say, “Hey, are you ready for this now?” to which I would immediately reply, “Yes!”.

In response, he’d always say, “Well, not yet.” And so it went for several days – the torture! He laughed constantly.

M and J



  1. my favorite, is that you put on the dress, so love that!

  2. This is such a sweet story. I wish you guys all the best.

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