Announcing the Maid of Honor

February 12, 2008

Well, I would like to announce my Maid of Honor, but I can’t seem to remember her name…something with a “J”…or maybe not. Hmmm, I don’t know, I think I forgot. (Those of you who know what I did with the family holiday card ON ACCIDENT will understand what I am talking about!)

I’d like to make a formal announcement that I have asked my little sister, Jennifer, to be my Maid of Honor. As many of you know, there is quite an age gap in between my sister and me. The gap is 11 years to be exact. I basically moved out of my parents’ home when she was five (for college) and never really moved back in, so I saw her grow up from a distance, on random weekend visits home, the holidays, and so on.

When Jennifer was small, she always told me that she thought I should have a baby at 28, so she would be 17. I am not quite sure what her reasoning for that was (she was 5 at the time and learning math) but I guess I’m a little late…But we are in no hurry to catch up on that front by any means!!!

Jennifer has grown up quite nicely, in fact. Believe it or not, she is getting ready for college this coming fall semester. The wedding will coincide with her first few weeks of college, which should be exciting for everyone. Right now, she is thinking of attending Santa Fe Community College in the fall and possibly transferring to the University of Florida after her first two years. Can’t believe the little rugrat is all grown up!! Although, she does have a surprising resemblance to E.T. (see below) – now all we have to do is get her to say “Ell-i-otttt”!

Jennifer as ET ET as Jennifer

(Which one is the Maid of Honor??)

My sweetie and I have decided that Jennifer is MUCH better looking than E.T. so we lucked out in the Maid of Honor department. (We love you, Jennifer!)

Anyway, Jennifer and I went to CityPlace in Palm Beach this past weekend, when we were down for the Parents Meet and Greet (which was very successful and lovely), and went looking for some potential bridesmaid dresses and perhaps a Prom dress for Jennifer. We had a good time, although I don’t recommend anyone getting in the car with Jen behind the wheel! (Just kidding, Jennifer, don’t get upset.)




  1. love the updates, what fun to have your sister by your side.

  2. Jennifer is the perfect choice and all also very near and dear to my heart, having also watched her grow up since I don’t know 3? Can’t wait to see her more when she moves up North and hope she knows she is always welcome at our place when she is missing the sea.

  3. OK, on description alone there could be some similarities in the two photos: both have big eyes, long necks, good cheeks, cute noses. but those descriptions also work for the entire cast of america’s next top model. jennifer has the hair though, if i recall e.t. did wear a blonde wig in the film, but wigs and extensions are so last week.

  4. Hi guys — I almost put the picture of E.T. in his little wig and dress, but then I thought that maybe no one would be able to tell the difference between the two!

  5. You short auto-bio of the maid of honor was cute to say the least. You both think {you & Jon} Jen is SO much better looking than E.T.! We think she is pretty neat too. Thanks for the recent CP lesson.

    Love Ya,
    Papa & Nana

  6. Melissa, you have always had a strong sense of family, you have shown us that throughout the years. It is wonderful that you and Jennifer and your brothers are so close and your love for your mom and dad runs so deep. And what would you do without your nana and papa!!! What an honor it will be to you to have your sister standing beside you on the most important day of your life. And what a beautiful girl Jennifer is!! She has E.T. beat by miles!! Thankyou Melissa, we love you

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