The Parents Meet and Greet

February 11, 2008

Hello everyone. Before I continue catching you all up on the engagement story, or stories I should say, I want to let you all know that our families have finally met face to face. This is kind of a big deal since my sweetie and I have been together for more than 5 years and they have never really met at all.

Once we were “officially engaged” my Nana and Papa decided it was time to check out his family more or less and invite them down from Orlando (my Nana and Papa and the rest of the gang are all in South Florida). So I picked up some cute little “engagement party” invitations from Papyrus (when Melissa was up visiting me) and sent them to her. It wasn’t quite an engagement party – that’ll be held later on, but it was more of a “Get Acquainted Party”. I’ll try to scan a copy of one of the invitations and put it up, but not sure if I’ll be able to do that today (I’m currently traveling).

So, my sweetie and I chose a weekend that would work for us, which happens to be this past weekend (February 9th), for us all to get together. All of our immediate family was there – except for Jon’s sister and her fiancé. We were disappointed that they were unable to make it, to say the least. My father’s parents were also invited, but did not come either, for a combination of reasons which many of us know.

The dinner went well, overall. We felt bad, but my sweetie thought it was ultimately awesome, that his brother, Ben, and his long-time girlfriend, Deborah had to sit at the “kids’ table”. (It wasn’t quite a kids’ table with my uncle sitting there and the “kids” all range from 18 to 22.)

Everyone got to meet and mingle. I was questioned about the wedding plans. We had just gone to look at several venues, so at least I had some prepared responses. (We’re saving another post for the venue hunt.) It was a lovely evening indoors, while outside it was pouring rain. We felt bad that everyone from my sweetie’s family had to make a 3 hour drive back that night.

We can safely say that the parent meet and greet went well. Except there are fundamental differences in our two families such as we are not huggers (especially for people we have just met – a handshake will do) but my sweetie’s family are. It freaked my family out a bit, as it did (and sometimes still does) me when I first encountered this behavior! Another difference is that my sweetie’s mom may as well be surgically attached to her camera, which is fun, but when you get with my mom, who doesn’t enjoy being photographed or taking a lot of family photos…well, all I can say is that there were no “Jerry Springer” moments, except for when Ben slapped his Dad in the gut as he walked by.

That family may love to hug, but they also play rough! I guess we do, too (but without all the hugging, ha ha!)

The Dads and Papa got on well. They all loved to talk about being pilots, sailing boats, and that sort of thing. So at least we know now that everyone can at least handle each other and have a good time.

Next post will be a continuation of the engagement story, to keep us all on track. We’re slowly but surely catching up.



  1. Sorry we were not able to attend. Sounds like it was fun.

  2. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting Jon’s extended family and Nana and Papa last weekend. After losing his 1st grandma at the age of 15 we’re happy he will have grandparents in his life again, his have all passed on and he misses them very much. We certainly see why Melissa is so fond of hers.

    My three children experienced great loss at an earlier age than most (my brother Darrell at 44, niece Samantha at 8, and nephew Deno at 46 just last month) pictures are as special as our memories in our family. My brother Randy (with his video) and I have been the ones to document special occasions for our family for years.

    Hey-I raised 3 great photographers, one of which has an agent now! SO- I will continue taking pictures, and hugging. That is who I am. However, I will be more selective so as not to offend those who do not wish to be photographed or those who do not want to be hugged.

  3. I have finally found the time to read the Wedding Whirlwind blog,and find my way around the site.and want to take a moment to say it was a great event nana and papa put together, one i will remember with heart.
    I comfortably say our families may have differences but many many more things in common! It was with great pleasure to have met Jon`s family, I think there will be many more enjoyable occasions to come.
    Photography is an art and talent we have not mastered, we have one that is our hopeful `Jen`. photos are memories so keep up the good work! and we can learn to hug a little more around here.

  4. Photos sometimes are the only things that we have that can remind us everyday of the great things that have happened in our lives and oh, what an occasion to remember!! So, keep those cameras going and keep sharing those pictures with us Melissa,please! And hugs? How good they feel!! I wish I could give all of you one right now. I miss you all!

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