Getting the Engagement Ring

February 8, 2008

For those of you who have been following along with our blog, you know that I fell in love, not only with my sweetie, but with an engagement ring called the “Ballerine” which was way too far out of our price range. Costing a mere $25,000, it was a very nice dream, but not something that would ever become a reality. Or so I thought.

After Jon decided that it was finally “time” to start thinking about getting engaged, I went right into research and “figure-it-out” mode. I started looking at diamonds. Learning all I could about what I wanted as far as diamond quality, cut, color, style, and everything else you could think of. And while I loved the Ballerine just the way it was in all it’s glory, I did want some slight changes.

I had decided I wanted an Asscher cut diamond rather than the emerald cut diamond that the original ring typically comes with. It has an old world sense about it. Very classy. Very different than what a lot of the trendy engagement rings showcase (pretty much round diamonds or princess cut diamonds). The Asscher, I think, looks antique with a modern twist. So that’s what I wanted.

So, I talked to Abazias Diamonds and mentioned what I wanted and if they could have the ring made just for me, according to my specifications. We happily found out that the answer was a great big “YES!” They helped me find a diamond that met my needs, and we actually got a great little (well, it’s just about a carat, so not that little…) VS2, F color stone that has absolutely no fluorescence (which means it won’t glow like crazy under a black light, has very few inclusions, and is practically colorless).

We chose platinum for the setting, and through the help of the great folks at Abazias realized that we could cut our costs not by skimping on quality but on the size of the 30 side stones (not including the center stone!) Also, since my ring finger is a mere 4.5, having a full 30 diamonds all around the band, at the original size, may make the ring look garish. With tiny fingers, I need to be careful about avoiding the big bling on my hand.

So, we made the decision, to order this ring, special made just for me. (Yay!) Since it was to be a custom job, it could take a couple of weeks. A couple of weeks in which I simply could not wait!

The ring was to be ready for us near Christmas (which was weeks away)…now I really was like a little kid waiting for Santa.



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