A Cute Congratulations…

February 3, 2008

The trip to Gainesville I mentioned in my last post, “The Engagement Dress,” was also the time of one of the cutest and most thoughtful little surprise congratulations we’ve gotten. Whenever I go to Gainesville for work or pleasure, we almost always stay with our friends Melissa and Patrick. They have been together about as long as my sweetie and I have, so he also feels a special connection with them.

So, when I arrived in Gainesville this time around, I headed right for the office in the morning upon my arrival and spent the day working. After work, I headed over to Melissa and Patrick’s house where I was greeted by the cat (the lovely Olive) and the two dogs (Blue and Copper), as well as Melissa herself. We gave our hello kisses, chatted for a while, and Melissa just kept asking me if I wanted to go brush my teeth.

At that point, I stopped and asked her, “Why, do I have horrible breath?!?!?” and she responded with, “No, I just know how much you love to brush your teeth.” (This might be a good time to mention that I am obsessive about brushing my teeth and do so throughout the day habitually.)

After all this teeth brushing talk, I succumbed to her urges and headed for the bathroom, and Melissa followed eagerly. I prepared my toothbrush, began brushing my teeth, and finally looked up at the mirror and saw this:


Congrats from Melissa & Patrick

(Click on the image for a better view.)

Only I could have stood in front of a mirror not noticing what was in front of me – me, the Script Supervisor! Me, who oversees operations for two companies! Me, who is paid to pay attention! Anyway, it was one of the cutest and thoughtful little congratulatory surprises I could have gotten, so I took a photo with my little point and shoot digital camera (since my sweetie, the pro, had not yet made it in to Florida.) We left this up for the entire week until he came in to town to see it for himself.

We really appreciated it, and we weren’t even officially engaged.

Thanks, guys!

M, J, and S


One comment

  1. Likewise we love your visits to Florida and can’t wait to be filled in with the latest installment of “the adventures of melissa and jon in ny”.
    how could we not be exited for you guys – even pre-engagement deserves some bubbly – ok the fact that today is a wednesday is probably worthy of bubbly in my book (does that make me a lush?)- back on point – it is ultra fun to celebrate the excitement of the upcoming super-fab events!

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