The Unofficially Official Engagement

January 27, 2008

So after what seemed months of anticipating an engagement proposal (based on my email stating that the “Ballerine” was the ONLY ring for me), my sweetie came upstairs (after tossing a balled up piece of paper at me) to my work area and told me that if I wanted a ring on my finger anytime soon, I had better get to work figuring out just how we would have it made (since we were a little wary of spending $25,000)!

How romantic, right?! Your heart could just melt…Anyway…

I did, however, get right to work – opening my mouth and spreading this non-news to just about anyone who would listen!

“We’re looking for the ring!”

“ We’re shopping around!”

“ We’re having it made! (I think!)”

So there it was, we were officially but unofficially engaged, in early November 2007.

And then the wheels began turning and I knew we could pretty much have the ring made, so I went to work researching whether I wanted white gold or platinum, what shape and quality of a diamond, and where (and how) we should have this ring made. All the little stuff.

I still didn’t have an idea of how much the ring would cost. Basing it on $25,000, my head was spinning. And I think maybe my sweetie was having regular anxiety attacks as well (maybe about the cost, maybe not), although he will never admit it.

Nonetheless, the damage was done. My sweetie had set the stage for the whirlwind engagement…that was yet to come.


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