It’s Also a Blogging Whirlwind…

January 25, 2008

Since we (me mostly) are new to the blogosphere and keeping up with our own blog, it may take me a little bit to get fully used to getting everything put up here.  We already have some ideas for the next couple of posts — I just have to write them first!

We are both so busy right now, but we promise to try to post a little something everyday.  The next post will probably cover the engagement story, or at least leading up to it…

Until then!



  1. Hi Melissa and Jon,
    Congrats on your engagement !!!!
    Weddings are wonderful and stressful too.
    I have a suggestion for you; Whenever you must argue,
    do it naked, the laughter usually solves the problem.

  2. Thanks, Gloria. We will definitely try the naked scenario next time we argue!! Or maybe when someone starts to get angry, we’ll do a little flashing, ha ha ha!!!!

    M & J

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